There's so much more to blogging
than just blogging.


For your blog to be successful,
you need to do what businesses do.

+ If you’ve been toying around with your current blog or even the idea of starting one…
+ If you know your blog has big potential but you’re just missing a few key pieces and need a system to fill in the gaps…
+ If you’re simply itching to take your current blog to the next (professional status) level…

Blog School is an online training program for bloggers that runs once per year.
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About Me

I made Blog School because even if you just started your blog or have been at it for years, growing a successful blog (and business) is beyond confusing when you don't have the right tools.

It always feels like everyone else has that certain magic something that you don't have. But I'm hear to tell you, that's not the case.

Back in 2009, when I started blogging I had to grow my readership from nothing, just like you.

Out of that blog grew a successful business that now supports my family and gives me freedom to travel, speak and connect with thousands of women online through my weekly newsletter and website.

You can read more about my story here. I have the privilege of working with some great organizations as their featured blogging and design expert:

Because I haven't said it in a while, Rita Barry is the BEST blog design/host/problem fixer ever.
Clare Brady
Healthy Living Blogger / Fitting It All In
Thank you for all of your hard work. I know that this site will be something that I will be very proud of.
Dawn Clancy
Blogger, Radio Host / Growing Up Chaotic
This is not a “do this, do that” type of program. Rita makes you really think about what your goals are, who your readers are, and what you want to achieve. That in itself was eye-opening for me, and helped be plan the direction that I wanted my blog to follow. We are only halfway through the course right now, but I have already learned to focus on my goals, manage my time more effectively (both for writing and “blog management”), and how to build my readership. I have seen my pageviews grow in the last several months, due in large part I am sure, to the things I have learned and the changes I have implemented. I am really excited about the next six months.
Healthy Living Blogger / Live from La Quinta
At first, I was hesitant to purchase the course as I was not sure if another “improvement” course would benefit me and my life. I have been known to purchase “improvement’ programs that do not deliver anything but a bill and false promises. This is not the case with this course. I find that I enjoy blogging more because I have focus and direction. I am still working on finding my blogging voice and the course is helping me do so. I like that it is broken down into modules and not delivered all at once. I appreciate that the course is not about “How to get free products to review on your blog” and instead is about being yourself and genuine. It is then that companies and readers can connect and reach out to you.
Blogger, ED Advocate / Be Me Foundation
I can honestly say that without Blog School, Barefoot Colorado wouldn't be where it is today. The tuition is nothing compared to the results I have seen since beginning the program! In six month, I have noticed an increase in page views, reader engagement and interest from brands. Each module is extremely engaging and pushes me to become a better blogger --- not to mention, Rita is always there to answer questions and help out. I owe a large part of my blog's (continuous!) growth to this program
Blogger / Barefoot Colorado
This program has been amazing, I have seen great results and these skills and worksheets are things that I can continuously look at, tweak, and update on my site to keep things growing! I really love it and I am so thankful I decided to do this for myself.
Tara Deal
Healthy Living Blogger / Treble in the Kitchen
I first wanted to give a little shout out and big thanks to Rita of the Blog Genie, who is absolutely fab... She is so sweet and helpful and a pleasure to work with!
Blogger / Lisa Lately