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You have something to say.

Something big.
Something important.
And your blog is just the beginning.

Your blog tells the world who you are,
who you’ve been, and who you’re going to be.
(Also see: A very, very big deal.)

But the thing about blogging is this:

There is so much more to blogging
than blogging.

In order to have an effective blog, you’ll need:

Effective and beautiful
website design.
Consistent, original,
quality content.
Stellar SEO
(it’s A-Ok if you don’t know what that is yet).
Regular, loyal
A growing community
of subscribers.
Connections with not just anyone,
but the right people.
Steady traffic to drive signups,
sales and/or ad dollars.
And much, much more…

Let’s face it:

For your blog to be successful,
you need to do what businesses do.

You need a plan.

+ If you’ve been toying around with your current blog or even the idea of starting one…
+ If you know your blog has big potential but you’re just missing a few key pieces and need a system to fill in the gaps…
+ If you’re simply itching to take your current blog to the next (professional status) level…

Because you’ve found
exactly what you need.


So you want your blog to reach the masses and maybe even make some money, not just be a private diary that happens to be published on the internet.And whether you want more readership, engagement and a lively dialogue with other bloggers OR to turn this blog into your full time gig – I can help.


My name is Rita Barry, and over the last several years I’ve gone from hobby blogger to full-time professional with a blog powered business. Now, I help creative, inspired and passionate individuals like YOU build their blog into the next big thing.After learning the ropes myself and building my own health and fitness blog (FitBlogger) into a thriving community and income generator — I know exactly what it takes to create a successful blog. I’ve helped 100s of people behind the scenes with their blogs and witnessed firsthand what works and what absolutely doesn’t. After struggling to figure it all out on my own I finally know how to take a blog that gets 10 page views per day and transform it into one that gets 1000’s.

So instead of spending years figuring out this whole blog thing by yourself (like I did), I created a training program and community to help. Because no one should have to do this all alone with no roadmap!That’s why Blog School was created.


Blog School is a 6 month long, online training program that combines monthly lessons, detailed worksheets and an active community to help you plan, grow and profit from your blog. To offer you the exact steps you need to get the results you want. Because life is complicated enough. Blogging doesn’t have to be.

Blog School gives you the strategy, system, and support you need to succeed.

the STRATEGY for real life

So you can’t drop everything for a whole month to work on your blog 24/7? Newsflash: no one can. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your awesome blog! This is precisely why Blog School’s curriculum is released just once a month, every month, so you have ample time to balance the lessons with your life.

the SYSTEM for serious success

Blog School gives you a simple framework to follow so you can improve your site step by step, by doing what works, instead of wasting time trying to figure it all out.

the SUPPORT for staying on track

It’s hard to stay motivated when no one around you “gets” what you’re doing. So if your “real life” friends aren’t hustling their own blogs, that’s OK. You’ll have a new crew of friends that are. Blog School comes with an amazing community of people who know exactly how you feel about blogging.

What you’ll get when you join

6 CORE CURRICULUM MODULES delivered directly to you once a month, so you can get just what you need when you need it, with nothing extra.

RESOURCES, CHECKLISTS & CHEATSHEETS that will keep you chugging along right on schedule, so no matter what’s going on in your life coming back to working on your blog will be easy.

PRIVATE BLOG SCHOOL COMMUNITY so you can connect with other like minded bloggers and get the advice, encouragement and reality checks you really need.

LIFETIME ACCESS TO MATERIALS so you can review the modules for months and years to come, whenever you like!

I’m way more confident in my blog!

I’ve more than quadrupled my pageviews since starting Blog School. And I’ve also started working with brands and freelancing for different websites. Some of these weren’t even on my radar when I started blog School, but just applying the techniques and working through the modules worked wonders! ~ Giselle

The tuition is nothing compared to the results I have seen!

I can honestly say that without Blog School, Barefoot Colorado wouldn’t be where it is today. The tuition is nothing compared to the results I have seen since beginning the program!

In six months, I have noticed an increase in page views, reader engagement and interest from brands. I owe a large part of my blog’s (continuous!) growth to this program ~ Marissa

my traffic, comments, shares and likes have really grown!

It’s been a fantastic course and the fact that I have access to all the information forever makes it even more valuable to me ~ Kristi

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Prefer a payment plan? Purchase in 4 bi-weekly payments of $110.

What you’ll learn over
the next 6 months

Blog School begins February 16, 2015 with one module being released every month.
You’ll always have access to the modules after release so you can review them for months and years to come.



What You’ll Learn:

  • How to define success so you’re building a blog that supports the lifestyle you want
  • Discover who your true readers are and how to turn them into raving fans
  • Learn the biggest mistake bloggers make and why doing the opposite is the key to success
  • How to be your authentic self and why your readers really want to see the real you
  • Discover how to serve your fans better than anyone in your niche, command higher prices and bigger opportunities


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the easiest and quickest ways to enhance your site without the cost of a custom design
  • Discover why most blogs are focusing on the wrong parts of design
  • Learn to evaluate all design decisions like a pro
  • Why most bloggers are leaving countless subscribers on the table by not optimizing their site for subscriptions
  • Get access to all the best plugins, resources and tools


What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn why you’re probably blogging way too much and why blogging less will create better results
  • Discover the best content to leave your readers wanting more
  • Develop 3-6 months worth of content ideas with proven strategies you can use over and over again
  • Why you need to focus less on you and more on your reader, even if you write a personal blog
  • Learn how to show up in search results and bring new, interested readers to your blog

MODULE 4: Growth

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn why all the hours you spend on your blog now can be dramatically reduced and you’ll still see better results
  • Where you should be spending your time each week to rapidly expand your influence
  • Discover how to optimize your blog, content and interaction to increase comments, shares and engagement
  • Overcome your fears of talking to the leaders in your niche and position yourself as their equal
  • What you need do to start doing now, to build your subscriber numbers faster than you ever thought possible

MODULE 5: Social Media

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the best strategies for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to spend less time and still see the results you want
  • Guided posting schedules to take the guess work out of what to post while still maintaining your unique flavor
  • Leave overwhelm behind by getting clear on your social media goals so you can actually be consistent
  • Detailed platform specific instructions to set up and make the most of these 3 unique social media networks
  • Learn how to re-purpose your content and combine your posting schedules to save time and deliver amazing value to your readers

MODULE 6: Money, Media & Income Streams

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to determine the best ways for your blog to make money without feeling sleazy (or freaking out your readers)
  • What small change took my business from making “fun money” to making more than any full time “real job” I’ve ever had and how you can do the same
  • Which income streams to use and which are a waste of time
  • How to approach media outlets, PR firms and brands like a pro (and not someone who’s just looking for free stuff)
  • Learn to develop a high end media kit and demand top dollar for what you’ve built
  • Discover how you can take control of your blogging future and not sit around waiting for great brand opportunities

Sign Up Today and Receive These Bonuses

Resources, Checklist & Cheatsheets

Ever wish blogging came with an instruction manual? Well we’ve got you covered! With over 20 different worksheets and checklists Blog School helps you focus your time and energy to get more done in less time.

Grad Bonus: Your Next 6 Months Action Plan

After 6 months of growing and improving your blog why would you ever interfere with that momentum? Every student who completes the 6 month program (paid in full) receives access to this special training module and digital planner. Next stop: Success!

Video: The Power of the Right Niche

Get access to this exclusive interview with a Blog School graduate as she explains the steps she took and fears she overcame to grow her blog to where it is today. By embracing the concepts of Module 1, she was able to create powerful, emotionally engaging content that has attracted a more concentrated, quality audience.

Blogging Productivity

All of the information in the world is not going to help if you’re not taking the necessary action! No matter your niche or level of blogging experience, these 3 bonus lessons will help you manage information and follow through like never before.

Video: WordPress Help for Beginners

Not all of us come to the table with the same comfort level around tech stuff. To help you get the most out of Blog School, I’m offering instant access to over 30 videos that walk you through common WordPress tasks. So you can follow along step by step and get comfortable building your blog on your own.

Video: Free to Self-Hosted Video Guide

While you don’t need a self-hosted WordPress blog to benefit from Blog School, it does make customizing your blog a whole lot easier. Enjoy a video walk through of “How to Move your Blog from Free to Self-Hosted.” You’ll get the entire step by step process plus advanced, fully illustrated instructions for transferring your posts, comments and images.

I feel like I got the “insider” tips to make my site better

I loved all of Blog School, mostly because I feel like I got the “insider” tips to make my site better. I also love the community aspect of Blog School (i.e. the Facebook Group). I have learned so much and it’s very helpful to have a place to bounce ideas around or ask for help. I wish I would have taken this course when I first started blogging so I could build my blog using these tools from the beginning! ~ Sara Wyen

Rita makes you really think about what your goals are, who your readers are, and what you want to achieve.

This is not a “do this, do that” type of program. Rita makes you really think about what your goals are, who your readers are, and what you want to achieve. That in itself was eye-opening for me, and helped me plan the direction that I wanted my blog to follow.

I have already learned to focus on my goals, manage my time more effectively (both for writing and “blog management”), and how to build my readership. ~ Debbie

I absolutely loved all the resources shared and examples of how to use them!

Blog School forces you to take a step back – far back – and really think about the who, what, where, when and why you are writing. Zoomed out your blog might look like a different place than it does staring at your computer, to-do list and emails day after day. New perspectives create mindfulness and intention that can only help your blog thrive and grow and get creative juices flowing. ~ Kath

The Blog School Investment

Included in your Blog School membership:

6 Core Curriculum Modules

5 Bonus Modules & Content

Resources, Checklists & Cheatsheets

Private Blog School Community

Lifetime Access to Materials


Blog School $399

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Prefer a payment plan? Purchase in 4 bi-weekly payments of $110.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be self-hosted on WordPress for this program to work?

The short answer is no. The material is presented in such a way that if you’re on a free blogging platform like Blogger or you will still benefit immensely from the program! And you’ll even receive individual instructions for each of those platforms when necessary. Free platform users will still be able to complete all of the homework and take their blog far beyond where it is now. That said, there are some advanced techniques and resources discussed that only self-hosted blogs can implement. If you are interested in self-hosting your site but don’t know how to do it, you’ll really enjoy the tech videos that come with Blog School.

What level of blogging experience is needed to benefit from this program?

None. From beginner to experienced blogger, I’ve developed this program with everyone in mind. The amount of time you’ve been blogging isn’t nearly as important as how you feel about your progress right now. Do you feel stuck or frustrated? Overwhelmed or bored? Those feelings can be present for you whether you’ve been blogging 6 months or 6 years. All you need to benefit from the program’s design and support, is be open to improve your blog and willing to try new things.

Is Blog School just for healthy living bloggers?

Nope! Blog School is open to all bloggers from every niche. The lessons and principles presented are universal and everyone can benefit from the information.

Do I get one on one support in Blog School

Blog School is a group coaching program meaning you get access to the amazing and private Blog School Facebook community 24/7. Individual coaching via email is not provided in Blog School but Rita is in the private community regularly to answer questions and check on your progress.

I am having my blog custom designed soon, would this program still benefit me?

Of course! One of the reasons I created Blog School was because I saw so many people spend hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars on their blog design yet they still weren’t successful. A beautiful design won’t help you if you can’t implement the rest of the necessary work to make a blog thrive. Having a beautiful blog is only the beginning. Plus, not all designers create blogs that are optimized to encourage subscribers to signup, to increase social media sharing or to sell products. This program teaches you how to balance beauty with function so you can actually create a successful blog.

I’m really busy, is now a good time to sign up or should I wait?

Now is as good a time as any. Blog School was specifically designed to work with your busy schedule, which is why it’s six months long. Modules are only released on a monthly basis so you can go back to the past whenever you want to catch up or refine the work you’ve already done. There is no way to “fall behind.” There will never be the perfect time or the perfect month, you simply have to decide that now is your time and then make it happen!

Is Blog School just for women?

Nope! Men are welcome to join. This program covers everything you need to know to create your own successful blog and that’s not gender specific! While the vast majority of people who have taken this course are women, there are men getting their Blog School on too! Everyone can benefit from the materials.


My business is all about transforming blogs. I believe this program will give you the tools and information to make that happen for your blog. That’s why I invite you to participate in Blog School until March 15, 2015 at 6:00PM PST and if you don’t feel that this program has lived up to my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% your money.

BUT, THERE’S A CATCH: For you to receive your refund, you must provide the completed homework from Module 1 prior to the refund being issued. Why? Because I know that if you actually do the work, you’ll get results you’re after. If you have done the work and still don’t feel this program is a good fit, your full refund will be on its way. If you don’t feel that you’re ready to put in the effort to transform your blog, this may not be the program for you.

If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to get in touch at

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Prefer a payment plan? Purchase in 4 bi-weekly payments of $110.