Welcome to Blog School!

Hello! I’m so honored that we’ll be working together!

I know that we may not know each other personally (just yet) but I know the struggles and frustrations of getting this whole blogging thing figured out.

You wanna know what? Making the decision to try this was the hardest part. We’re all pros at talking ourselves out of doing big things, aren’t we? But you’ve followed through, you’ve taken the leap and the rest is just following the plan.

Along with your step by step guide, you also have an amazing community who are here to cheer you and and support your dream with you. How cool is that?!

Next Steps:


Create a Profile Image

Create a profile on Gravatar.com

We want to see your gorgeous face! Sign up for Gravatar with the same email you used to sign up for Blog School to enable your profile image.


Schedule Your Time

Go through each month and schedule a time to review your lessons. As in actually book time to work on your materials! Each module takes around 4 hours to complete. That’s only an hour a week but if you don’t reserve the time, we know something else will take it’s place!


Introduce Yourself

There’s a dedicated, private Facebook group just for you to chat about your blog! It’s a great place to get and receive help, plus you can network and connect with other bloggers doing amazing things!

Please click the link below to request access to the group and allow 24 hours for approval.

Say hi to your fellow students!


Check Out Your Bonuses

You can access all your bonus content right now!

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Get Support

If you have any questions, please email support at blogschool@bloggenie.ca.

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM PST.