Thank You

Thank you for making this amazing commitment to yourself and your blogging future!

I know you’re feeling a rush of different emotions right now: excitement, anticipation and maybe a few nerves.

It can feel like a leap of faith but: you can do this and you are worth the risk.

With a little help, support and the right information, you can step into your dream instead of just thinking about it.

What’s Next?

Within the next few minutes, you will receive a Welcome Email that has all your login details and the other information you need to get started. You will also receive an email to confirm your email to the Blog School 2015 mailing list.

So in review: 2 emails, one with logins and one to confirm your email.

If you don’t see it soon, please check your spam folder! 

Also, adding to your email contacts is a great idea to make sure you get all the emails you need!

See you inside!

Rita Barry